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5107 Chestnut Bellaire TX 77401

 5107 Chestnut, Bellaire TX - SOLD

4309 Jonathan Bellaire TX Diamond Custom Homes Inc.

4309 Jonathan, Bellaire TX - SOLD

More information on these 2 projects coming in March 2015.


We specialize in building in the City of Bellaire. Over 90% of our homes are built in Bellaire, TX. We know Bellaire! We have been a Custom Home Builder in Bellaire TX for many years. You can click on our "Past Projects" page and see pictures of all the homes we have built and SOLD in Bellaire, TX.

Another Bellaire Project - SOLD



It is important to have a builder that knows the particular area in which you are going to build. Bellaire, being its own municipality, has different standards and building regulations from the City of Houston or other surrounding areas. Having a Custom Builder familiar with the City of Bellaire's building codes is a HUGE advantage over a builder that does not. A Custom Builder that is unfamiliar with Bellaire's codes can cost you money in delays and material cost when building your new home.


We are also a design and build company. What does this mean to you? Well it means alot! It means saving money in building cost. It means saving time when building your home. Why? We know Bellaire Building Codes and what they require during the home building process. Having designed and built many homes already in Bellaire, we will design your home with COST in mind. Many times a designer or Architect will design a home without regard to what things cost to build. We know building cost because we "Build Houses" too. We will design you home with quality products and building techniques that reflect a cost conscience approach. You wont get this from any other designer,  Architect, or Builder.


We have a long standing reputation in the Custom Home Building business in Bellaire and would love the opportunity to be involved in your New Home Process.


  •  Custom Home Builder

  • Custom Homes Designer

  • Lot acquisition

  • Sale of your existing home

  • Construction financing (Affiliate Banks)

  • Personal Guidance from start to finish

Jim is a Custom Home Builder with Diamond Custom Homes Inc. Along with his wife, Michele Willis, they build and design custom homes in Bellaire and the inner loop area of Houston. Jim is also a home designer, designing and building all of his own homes. To compliment this process, he became a REALTORŪ. He has personally been involved in over 95 real-estate transactions both on the seller and buyers sides. Having lived in many of these areas personally, Jim has first had knowledge of how these markets work. He uses this knowledge to gain the most benefit for his clients.


To see pictures of our past projects click on the Homes for Sale link below. 

History of Diamond  Testimonials  Awards Affiliations 

Contact Info

For Sale